Don’t Dismiss the Scholarships!

Higher Education is Expensive

Yes, this statement can be truly terrifying, but it is a fact that should not be ignored. Whether your school’s vocational, traditional, or somewhere in between, the cost of school can feel a little daunting. But it doesn’t need to be!

Assistance is out there in the form of federal and private loans for those who qualify*, as well as many other options that can cover several hundred, to several thousand dollars. We are speaking of course of grants and scholarships*. While loans in all their forms will need to be repaid (often with interest) grants and scholarships are money that is gifted to you, making school even more affordable.

Strangely enough, even though these benefits can truly impact your school experience many people do not take the opportunity to apply, often ignoring them all together and losing out on the opportunity to drastically reduce their personal school expenses.

Let’s Debunk!

You don’t know unless you try! Simple saying, but one that should be kept in mind when speaking about scholarships and grants. The number one reason people ignore the possibilities and don’t apply is because they are “impossible to get.” While that may seem to be the case, you simply won’t know if you don’t try. And if you are letting the idea of endless essay writing and recommendation seeking keep you from doing so, you will be happy to know that the times have changed.

While some scholarship opportunities still require the time honored essays, so many more have updated to video applications and email submissions. Applying for a scholarship has simply never been easier, and with the chance at gaining free money for school on the line, what is holding you back?

Scholarships are Important Beauty Truly Does Change Lives

At Summit Salon Academy our students have access to the network of scholarships available through Beauty Changes Lives. This program is sponsored by the AACS, an association of Beauty Schools, of which we are proud to be a member.

Our affiliation with AACS gives our students access to hundreds of scholarship opportunities that are created for a wide variety of circumstances and needs. With criteria that range from annual income, to grade point average, to personal strengths; there is truly something for everyone.

Scholarships in Action

While scholarships and grants can be hard to get – it doesn’t mean you should just dismiss them! At Summit Salon Academy we have seen dozens of our students receive financial awards ranging from a couple hundred to several thousand dollars. In fact, over the last few years we have had two students receive the coveted Vidal Sassoon Scholarship.

Awarded to ten students twice a year, this scholarship covers half of the winners’ beauty school tuition (up to $10,000 in awards per winner). This is a huge sum that has literally made beauty school attendance possible for hundreds of students across the country.

In fact, the two winners who received this coveted scholarship have gone on to do amazing things; from working as a brand embassador, to cinching that perfect job at a trendy salon.

Scholarships are Important

It’s Not Too Late

Even if you are currently enrolled it is not too late to apply for one of the many scholarships that are available. Everyone in our admissions department would be more than happy to help you get everything ready to apply, and navigate the Beauty Changes Lives website to find the scholarship that is perfect for you!

Want more information? Our admissions team would love to sit down and assist you in getting everything together to apply. A little work can reap great rewards!

Contact us today to get started!

“If you put the effort you have a chance. If you don’t put the effort… well.. you don’t have a chance.”

*All financial aid opportunities are available to those who qualify. When applying for grants and scholarships a monetary award is not guaranteed. Please pay special attention to qualifying and application guidelines. If you have any questions our admissions team will be happy to walk you through the process.


Social Promoter of the Month: Josie Whitten

At Summit Salon Academy Tacoma, we strive to build up the whole student, focusing not only on the technical skills but on the business building skills that have made the Summit Salon name what it is. After all, business skills are what makes a salon student into a cosmetologist who is ready for a life long career.
It is because of this business focus that each month we feature one student who has gone above and beyond, who has shown a strength in both their technical skills and their business building abilities. This month, we have chosen to feature Josie Whitten.

Social promoter of the month Josie WhittenAbout Josie

Josie, or “JoJo”, loves to have fun! Making people smile is her passion. She strives to listen to her clients, to get to know them, to make it so that they leave her chair feeling fabulous! Josie knows that it’s more than just feeling great at the end of a cut, however, saying, “I love to talk [and help] my clients feel comfortable, to relax and enjoy being pampered.”
Pampering is a great way to look at treating clients! At Summit Salon we teach our future professionals to work for and with the client to give them the best experience, and the best haircut, possible. Josie understands this lesson top to bottom, going the extra mile to make sure her clients are ready to take care of their new do. “If it’s not possible to give them what they want, I try my very best to educate them on at home hair care and the process of getting them to where they want to be.”
Josie’s love of people is just the tip of the iceberg as to what makes Josie, Josie. When asked about what her favorite assignment at Summit Salon Tacoma is, she cited one of the most challenging projects we present our students with: corrective coloring. “We were assigned a group to do a corrective color assignment.The mannequin started with [four] completely different quads of hair and we had to make it all [one] solid color. My group crushed it, and we all learned SO much.”

Social promoter of the month Josie WhittenWhy Josie chose Summit Salon Academy

For Josie, her choice to attend Summit Salon Academy came from the guidance and experiences of those around her.
“I had many different mutual friends go to this school and tell me GREAT things about Summit. I came and toured the school with Karen who made me feel so important and welcome. I [k]new just from my first step into this school it was a perfect fit. The atmosphere, the people, the education it was all meant to be!”
That’s so great to hear, Josie! We love to hear things like this from our current students, knowing that we have made an impact on our past, and current, students help us to know we are doing our job.
We want to make sure each of our students finds a home behind our doors, and that the family the have gained and the skill they have built stays with them through their future careers.
We are glad you found your place at Summit Salon Tacoma Josie!
“I love my Summit family.”

What Is In Josie’s Future

Social promoter of the month Josie WhittenJosie is a girl who knows what she wants, and as she is graduating in September, she already has a future clear in her mind. To Josie it’s more than just the type of salon she wants to find herself in; which would be “a salon with positive people and an urban/ city feel.”
She wants to find a place that will challenge her and allow her to further her learning. Josie’s thirst for refinement and constant learning is something that we like to see in all of our students. Seeing it in Josie makes us confident that she will do great things in her future career.
“I truly believe you can never stop learning in this industry and it’s super important to me to keep up with all the trends.”

If you want to check out Josie’s work, make sure to follow her on Instagram, @_addictedtohair

You can also schedule an appointment to see Josie at our student salon.* Give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Are you ready to fall in love with your future, just like Josie? Contact us today to find out more about our cosmetology or esthetics program. We would love to be a part of your future.

*All services provided by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.

Social Promoter of the Month: Kristen Wilson

Here at Summit Salon Academy, we not only pride ourselves on providing a competitive curriculum to help students succeed but we also pride ourselves on having some great students! Our students are talented, hard working, energetic people that give Summit Salon Academy the reputation that it has today by becoming the best at what they do.

Each month we feature a student that goes above and beyond what is needed to be a good student. This month’s social promoter is Kristen Wilson. Kristen is a perfect example of what it means to be a student at Summit Salon Academy by working hard, bringing a great attitude to work and school, and giving it her all.

About Kristen

Student Of The MonthKristen is the type of person who embraces a challenge. She works hard and loves what she does! She enjoys interacting with her clients and giving them the look and confidence they are searching for!  Kristen said, “I strive to make my clients look and feel their best by listening to what they want and communicating throughout the appointment what the end goal is.”

This is the attitude that we strive to instill in our students at Summit Salon Academy. We want them to learn how to provide an amazing experience to each and every client they come in contact with. Kristen’s top notch work ethic really came into view when she said, “I am a mom to 3 little girls and I love that I am showing them how to follow their dreams and do what they love.” Way to go, Kristen! Being an awesome mom while completing the cosmetology program at Summit Salon academy is no easy feat.

Kristen With Her Family

Why Kristen Chose Summit Salon Academy

When asked why she chose to attend Summit Salon Academy Kristen said, “I picked Summit Salon Academy because my personal hairstylist came here for her education and I really trust her. When I came in to tour the school everyone was really friendly and seemed happy being at school (or work) which was the environment I was looking for!” This is a common theme here at Summit Salon Academy where students who have completed the program are telling their friends and family about their experience. Creating a positive learning environment where students can feel comfortable and enjoy themselves is important to us at Summit Salon Academy. The result is that they want to share their great experience with those around them.

What Is In Kristen’s Future

HighlightsWhen our students graduate and move into the next phase of their amazing career, we want to make sure they never stop learning. At Summit Salon Academy we encourage our students to keep learning and expanding their knowledge in the field, even after graduation. When asked what she wanted to do after her graduation in January, 2018 Kristen said, “I [] want to find a salon I love that offers continuing education as well as do special occasion hair and makeup in my free time.” That’s what we like to hear! Keep striving to learn and improve, Kristen!


Kristen has it all figured out. We are proud to have her here and hope to see her become a leader in the industry in no time. She is a great representative of the Summit Salon Academy values! Way to go!

If you want to check out Kristen’s work on Instagram, she can be found @kristenw.hairstylist or on Facebook at Kristen W. -Hairstylist

You can also schedule an appointment to see Kristen at our student salon*. Give us a call and schedule an appointment.

Want to find out more about creating a future that you’ll love, just like Kristen? Get the information about our cosmetology or esthetics programs. Contact us for more information today!
*All services provided by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.

Social Promoter of the Month: William Rayon

With every class at Summit Salon Tacoma we strive to create an environment that can prepare students for the career that lies ahead. By incorporating marketing skills and career planning into our curriculum we hope to give each student an edge to assist them in building a strong foundation that can prepare them to sit for the state boards, as well as launch them into the future that they envision.

Each month we recognize one student who has taken these skills and lessons into their lives and begun actively working toward that future. This month, one student has gone above and beyond, showcasing his skills, and hustling to create his own dream. We are very excited to announce the social promoter of the month: William Rayon!

About William

William Rayon | SOM Summit Tacoma
William loves his work and his clients! He is a hard worker who strives to give each of his guests a unique experience that will leave them happy and confident with their new look. When asked what sets him apart, William confidently answered:
“I think my drive to work hard, [my] creative background, and my personal standards push me to give my clients the best service I can.”
That drive is certainly shown in his accomplishments, as well as in his favorite studies, as is evident when he confidently answered what his favorite subjects at Summit Salon Tacoma are: “My favorite part of the program is balayage, haircuts, and blowouts. I love being able to create beautiful hair that looks natural and gives the client confidence to go out and face the world. I find that haircuts can be therapeutic to a client and [their] ever changing life.”

Why William Chose Summit Salon Academy

William was drawn to this school because “the professional environment and overall vibe of the school felt right.”
We love hearing this, as our culture and environment is one that we pride ourselves on, and one that we are constantly improving. We feel strongly that a positive, professional, environment creates a positive, professional cosmetologist.
That said, even with a professional vibe, we still give our students a chance to make their mark, and create their own unique style. This is shown no better than when William explained about his favorite subjects at Summit, and how he most enjoys working with his clients.
William Rayon | SOM Summit Tacoma“I feel like my favorite work has been when a client sits in my chair and trusts me to give them something beautiful without too many limitations. When I get the chance to follow my vision of what I believe will look best, still reflect them, and give them confidence; they get the best of what I can give”

What William Sees ahead

Ready to graduate in May of 2017, William has made huge strides to prepare himself for what lies ahead. With his social media pages and website already online, William is ready to make waves. That doesn’t mean that he is done with his beauty education just yet, however.

“I plan to continue my education and keep practicing and exploring new techniques with hair.”

Perfect! An education is never complete, there is always some new technique and trend to learn and master. That is something we try to instil in each of our students, a love and hunger for learning, and William exhibits this, even if at times it was uncomfortable.

“This experience has pushed me out of my comfort zone and let me bond me with people I can’t imagine my life without.”

We truly are a family here at Summit Salon Tacoma, and hearing about the connections that people have created, and the lessons they have learned both in and out of the classroom shows the type of culture and community we hold.
We are glad you have felt that, William!

Check out more of William’s work on his Instagram page:@william.rayon on Facebook and online

Want to schedule an appointment with William? Give us a call at our student salon*! We can help you book your next appointment.

Ready to immerse yourself in what you love, just like William? We have classes in cosmetology and esthetics. Contact us for more information today.

*Services are performed by students supervised by licensed professionals.

Social Promoter of the Month: Stephanie Thomas

At Summit Salon Academy Tacoma, we pride ourselves on building our students into successful beauty pros. One of the ways we do this is by focusing on marketing skills and future career planning within our curriculum. This enables us to give students a steady foundation to build a successful career after they sit for the state board exam.

One student this month has gone above and beyond, taking these lessons and beginning to apply them both in her everyday floor and course work but also in her future planning as well. Because of this work, the social promoter for the month for March is Stephanie Thomas! Congrats, girl!

About Stephanie

Stephanie Thomas

Stephanie is a hard worker who loves anything with a challenge! When asked what her favorite part about our program was, she answered with “foil highlights” and “balayage” – some of the hardest techniques!

“It takes a lot of creativity to place each foil or stroke in the EXACT placement necessary for the look you’re trying to achieve. I love a challenge, and a challenge it is.”

We love this! It truly shows what kind of a student Stephanie is and the extent she will go to to make each client happy. This genuine pride in her work is echoed with her response to client care:

“I don’t look at them like clients, but as a future friend. I listen carefully, educate, and explain each step as I go[] to ensure we are always on the same page. At the end of the day, I just want more people walking around with beautiful hair. Beautiful hair leads to a boost in confidence, which then leads to a happy soul.”

Why Stephanie Chose Summit Salon Academy

Hair by Mrs Thomas“I was referred to this school by a hair dresser in my area. She highly recommended I pay the extra money for the toll and drive the few extra miles for a better education and experience, and boy am I glad I took her advice!”

That is so great to hear, Stephanie. We love that our past students have found a career that they love, and that they are passing on that passion to others by recommending the school that got them there!
We know you have found the same love and passion for your new career path behind our doors and are excited to welcome you to our family. Every student, past and present, of Summit Salon is family, and we are proud to welcome each and every one of them home.

What Lies Ahead For Stephanie

Hair by Mrs. Thomas

At Summit Salon we strive to assist each our students toward the career paths that will help them build a life that they love, full of joy and success. Stephanie definitely has her eyes on the prize, and when asked what she plans to do with her training in the future she answered:

“I plan on working part-time in a salon in the Gig Harbor area for a while, build my skills, meet new people and soak up every bit of education I can. Then, one day, build a salon on my property and work from home.”

What a perfect plan! It sounds like she has it all worked out and is ready to jump in feet first when she graduates this May! You can do it, girl! And your Summit Salon family will be right here behind you!

Check out more of Stephanie’s work on her Instagram page:@hair_by_mrs_thomas

Want to schedule an appointment with Stephanie? Give us a call at our student salon*! We can help you book your next appointment.

Want to find a future you love, just like Stephanie? We have classes in cosmetology and esthetics. Contact us for more information today.

*Services are performed by students supervised by licensed professionals.

Social Promoter of the Month: Madison Francis

Determination and commitment fuel each and every day at Summit Salon Academy. These are traits we are proud to see grow and thrive in each and every one of our students as they continue their work and develop a lifelong career.

This month, we have seen one student go above and beyond these traits as she has followed her passion. The social promoter for the month for February is Madison Francis! Congrats, girl!

About Madison


Madison has a heart of gold that she loves to put into everything around her. Her passion and commitment to her clients shines right through from the moment you sit in her chair.

“On a client’s first visit, I try to be as friendly and understanding as possible and deliver to them exactly what they want!”

That’s so great, Madison! That’s one of the things we work so hard to instill in our students, the ability to listen and deliver on the clients wants with the highest quality. Madison, however, goes one step further. Tapping into her deep passion and commitment, she works with her clients beyond hair, understanding where deep confidence and beauty comes from and wanting that for each and every one of her clients.

“I believe beauty starts on the inside, I want to make your visit with me the best experience you have ever had. I want every client that walks away feeling confident and beautiful with the best hair.”

“I’m really friendly, I love meeting people, and I’m going to do everything I can to give you the best hair!”

To further exhibit Madison’s enthusiasm and excitement for her passion, we asked what her favorite assignment and specialty is, and she responded simply with “updos!” and “lookbooks!”.

Why Madison Chose Summit Salon Academy


“I chose summit salon academy because it is evident the school goes the extra mile to [ensure] that you are properly trained, included in countless opportunities and are the best set up for your future as a hairstylist.”

Thank you so much for your kind words, Madison. Striving to go above and beyond is one of the things that we really strive from at Summit Salon, we want each and every one of our students to feel fully supported in their new career path and ready for any potential bump that may lie ahead of them.

Cosmetology and esthetics are our passion as well, and we have gone the extra mile by providing our students with a top of the line facility, educators with years of high-industry experience and coursework that will leave them highly trained and ready for the road ahead.

When asked about what her favorite part of Summit Salon Academy Madison responded with: “I love EVERYTHING!”

What Lies Ahead For Madison


When our students set foot in our academy, they do so with goals in mind, and Madison is no exception. Madison’s kind heart shines through when asked about what her hopes for the future are, as she answered humbly:
“I would love to travel and do hair for people in 3rd world countries. Teaching them that beauty on the outside just reflects the beauty on the inside.”

The love and passion that Madison has shown has sent her above and beyond and we are honored to feature her this month as a stand-out member of our student body. Thank you, Madison, for shining bright and displaying a strong passion for your work.

You can check out more of Madison’s work on her Instagram page:@maddyabby21

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Madison reach out to our student salon*.

Are you interested in pursuing a career in your passion? We have classes in cosmetology and esthetics. Contact us for more information today.

*Services are performed by students supervised by licensed professionals.

Hair Brazaar goes HEROIC

Hair BRA-Zaar Goes Heroic!

April 19th, 2017-Hair BRA-Zaar and Auction Benefit.

The show is a fun way for us to raise money for Wings of Karen, a local breast cancer research organization.

This year the show is going HEROIC!  This promises to be an awesome runway show! Our students and alumni are hard at work creating amazing hair and makeup looks! Models will wear decorated bras to tie in with Wings of Karen’s annual Bra Dash.

Why Wings of Karen?

All proceeds from the event will help support the Wings of Karen Foundation. Wings of Karen is a grassroots organization that strongly believes donors should know how their hard earned dollars are turned into tangible hope. Because they believe it’s a race to save lives, they have set high standards for themselves to keep fundraising costs low, administration costs to the absolute minimum and delivery of all crucial funds to world class researchers locally who are vigilantly searching for the cure. The mission of this community based organization is to fund promising breast cancer research in the Pacific North West. They are committed to finding a cure, while empowering and educating women with a positive, helping hand. 

In 2013, Wings of Karen awarded its first grant of $30,000 to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance to fund a pilot program that studies new methods of detection in younger women. Since then, Wings of Karen has granted over a half million dollars to promising breast cancer research. Without this funding, many of these projects would not happen.  For more information about the Wings of Karen Foundation, please visit their website.

We are hoping to raise more than the $6242 we raised at last year’s Hair Brazaar  for Wings of Karen! Please come out, enjoy the hero inspired show and help us combat Breast Cancer right here in our own backyard!


April 19th from 6:30 – 8:00pm, Doors open at 6:00pm

Tickets: General seating $20, limited VIP seating $40 (includes gift bag)

Purchase your tickets at the academy or online

Where: Summit Salon Academy
3702 S Fife ST Suite B102

For more info: 253.617.7000

brazaarFB Post

Social Promoter of the Month: Catherine Cortez Porter

We love to celebrate our students’ success! This month, we’re happy to announce that one of our amazing esthetics students has been named the Social Promoter of the Month! Congrats, Catherine Cortez Porter!

catherine cortez porter

About Catherine

All of our students enjoy school for different reasons. Some really like to learn new skills, some like to help clients gain confidence, and some like it all! Catherine shared with us her favorite part of school, “My favorite part of the Esthetics program [is] learning to perform facials and hair removal. I love the specific steps of a facial, the customized products for each individuals skin care needs and amazingly enough it was relaxing for me to perform them. Hair removal with wax and sugar [is] my second favorite. There’s something satisfying about removing hair and achieving smooth hairless skin!”

We are happy that Catherine finds personal rewards in client services. Client communication and satisfaction are some of what we cover in our esthetics program. We asked Catherine why clients should book with her and how she makes her clients feel comfortable, “Clients should definitely book appointments with me because they will always receive a prompt, professional and relaxing service. If you happen to need someone to just vent to or talk to as well, I’m an excellent listener.”

catherine's eyebrow service

“I always approach everyone with a smile and handshake or a hug if I know you. We then do a thorough client consultation so I know exactly what the client is looking for and expects from the service. Confidence and trust always make the client feel at ease and comfortable.”

Why Catherine Chose Summit Salon Academy

“After looking at 3 other schools Summit Salon and Academy was the best choice for me because of the location and the curriculum. They’re one of the only schools to offer a sugaring certification. Karen Shea also did a great job answering all my questions and was very informative.”

It is always encouraging to hear our students’ thoughts about Summit Salon Academy. With feedback from our students, we can continue to grow and improve for future students!

“My favorite assignment at school was right in the beginning of [] the course. We had to create models/pictorials in any medium of our choice, of the anatomy of the skin and the bones of the skull. I have a BA in Graphic Design so it was nice to apply some of those art skills.”

catherine's esthetics service

What the Future Holds

We wanted to give Catherine a chance to do a little bragging about her skills. She said, “My specialties would be facials, peels and hair removal. Again I love facials and peels because they’re very step specific. In order to have a successful facial or peel it’s essential to perform every single step of the that service, to achieve the desired end result.”

Catherine also commented on what sets her apart from other estheticians.

“I’m confident, knowledgeable, professional and have a strong work ethic. My ultimate goal is to provide my client with a relaxing, stress free, results oriented service that they’re completely satisfied with. Happy clients guarantee a return appointment!”

Catherine graduates in February 2017. Make sure to stop into our student spa and salon* and book with her before she’s gone!

“I’m ready to tackle the Esthetician industry and continue my education. Esthetics has so much to offer and I’m ready for the journey. You can check me out on Instagram at @ckc46.”

*All services are performed by students supervised by licensed professionals.

Social Promoter of the Month: Lauren Kozak

We know how much goes into being successful as a cosmetologist. As a school, we can see success in our students everyday. To encourage students to continue to push themselves and become better, we promote one student each month for their marketing efforts. This month, Lauren Kozak has taken the title of Social Promoter of the Month! Congrats, Lauren!

About Lauren

All of our students are unique individuals. Each student has a special skill set that makes them good at what they do. Lauren shared her thoughts on what makes her different:

“What sets me aside from other stylists is that I love meeting new people. I moved around a lot as a kid and decided that it was so much better to meet new people than not. I think everyone deserves kindness and respect and I hope clients can tell when they sit in my chair.”

We agree, Lauren. Kindness and respect are both important things to have when working with guests. As a cosmetologist, Lauren changes guests’ outward appearance, something most people take very seriously. We are proud of Lauren and her ability to make clients shine!

purple hair

On the topic of client satisfaction, Lauren shared with us her technique for making new clients feel comfortable:

“I make clients feel more comfortable on their first visit by being honest with them and setting realistic expectations. After the consultation and we start the service I talk to them about anything and everything, where they are from, if they have pets, what they like to do for fun, I ask them questions and tell them a little about me so that we feel less like strangers and more like real people.”

Why Lauren Chose Summit Salon Academy

“I chose this school because it is the best! I had a friend tell me about it and I decided to take a look at the website. I am so thankful that Karen Shea called me and asked me to tour the school. I walked inside the building and immediately told my husband, who was standing next to me, ‘This is my school!’”

purple hair 2

We appreciate your kind words, Lauren! We think Summit Salon Academy is the best, too! In addition to her overall opinion of the school, we asked her to share her favorite assignment or part of the program.

“My favorite assignment I’ve done in school is [definitely] our haircut model. My friend came in to be my model for my haircutting test, and she left so happy. While I was cutting her hair I felt so confident for the first time since school had started. I am still so proud of that haircut!”

“My favorite part about my program is hard to choose. I love a combination of cutting and coloring. I can’t have just one! I love how cutting complements color, and visa versa, Especially when my client takes a look at the end and I see that big smile on their face. That‘s the best part.”

What the Future Holds

Lauren graduates in 2017, and these are her goals for after that:

“I plan to join an amazing salon so I can continue to learn and gain experience. When I am ready I hope to open my own salon.”

teal hair

If you’re interested in seeing more of Lauren’s work, check out her Facebook page, Lauren Kozak’s Book of Hair, or follow her on Instagram @laurenkozakhair16. Make sure to schedule an appointment with her in our student salon!*

*Services are performed by students supervised by licensed professionals.

Social Promoter of the Month: McKenna de Vries

Some people were simply born for the beauty industry. At Summit Salon Academy in Tacoma, we help our gifted students refine their knack for beauty and assist them in transforming it into a life-long career.

We consider all of our students top-notch but this month, one hard working cosmetology student went above and beyond the call of beauty. The social promoter of the month for November is McKenna de Vries! Congrats, McKenna!

About McKenna


McKenna’s top priority is her guests, hands down. She takes pride not only in making them look beautiful but feel beautiful as well!

“Being interested in someone’s world immediately changes the atmosphere, creating a comfortable first visit and hopefully many more to come!”

And when we asked what she thinks sets her apart from others in the industry, she answered honorably by saying:

“There’s a lot more to the hair world than just hair! Making that my first priority, I believe is what makes me different!”

We agree, McKenna! That is why we strive to provide our students with a well-rounded education that will teach them the importance of communication and building guest relationships. Our curriculum is designed to teach not only the technical skills needed to become a beauty professional but also the essential business and customer service skills that are vital to growing and maintaining a clientele.

She was asked to share her favorite part of cosmetology.

“I really enjoy color and cutting equally. They both allow me to be creative in different ways, making sure there’s never a dull moment!”

McKenna makes a really good point about cosmetology: it teaches such a variety of skills and outlets that allow cosmetologists to express their creativity freely, preventing them from having predictable days where they do they same thing over and over. There really is never a dull moment in the world of beauty!

She went on to talk about her strengths as a cosmetologist and she excitedly expressed her newfound love for taking client’s hair lighter!

“Whether it is traditional foils, balayage or an all over process, I feel most confident and excited about my work when I am working with a client to lift his or her hair.”

Why McKenna Chose Summit Salon Academy

“I chose this school because I had heard many amazing things about it! After my first tour, I fell in love and knew this is where I wanted to start my education journey!”

At Summit Salon Academy in Tacoma, our staff is made up of experienced beauty professionals that have worked in nearly every realm of the beauty industry. From stylists, estheticians, and makeup artists, to salon owners, marketing and sales consultants, platform artists and more, our staff has the upper hand of well-earned industry knowledge and years of combined experience.

We absolutely love seeing eager and passionate students, like McKenna, start their journey with us, watching them expand their knowledge and skills as a cosmetologist and truly grow into their fullest potential.

What the Future Holds

Goal setting is an essential part of being a successful cosmetologist. McKenna said that her future goals are to, “find a small environment salon that I can shadow at and get an idea of what life is like outside the walls of beauty school. Eventually I dream to work full time among other stylists.”

Perfecting your craft and learning new and different skills is a great way to become established in the industry. We admire McKenna’s passion for learning, and we believe this is what is going to her excel in her career as a cosmetologist!

You can check out more of McKenna’s work on her Instagram page: @mj_hairdays

If you want to pursue a rewarding career that will allow you to express your creativity freely, request information about our cosmetology program. To find out more about our school and our other programs feel free to contact us for more information!